The Caring Teacher Award (2008)

Janice Chuah was recognised as a school caring teacher. The Caring Teacher Award was presented by ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. and the Ministry of Education, National Institute of Education, Singapore.  The award recognizes the commitment of teachers who have shown exceptional devotion to the total development of students and to nation-building. The award honours the recipients as outstanding teachers who have demonstrated the passion, courage and perseverance to inspire and nurture our young.

MOE Outstanding Contribution Award (2001, 2004, 2006)

Janice Chuah was a three-time winner of Outstanding Contribution Award. Outstanding Contribution Awards are given by Ministry of Education (MOE) to employees of the school in recognition of their significant value-added contributions that have an impact on the school.

2006 Outstanding Contribution Award (Group Category)
People Developer Standard

Janice Chuah was the appointed Secretary for the school people developer committee. The school received the People Developer Standard award (PDS) from Spring in 2006.

2004 Outstanding Contribution Award (Individual Category) Innovation and Enterprise (I&E) Multi-disciplinary Teaching and Learning Module

Janice Chuah developed a multi-disciplinary teaching and learning module based on the five key tenets of Innovation and Enterprise (I&E) stated in the MOE BlueSky Framework. The lessons create conditions for the spirit of I&E to take root and flourish within classroom settings. The contents of the module include Science, English, Health Education, Arts, Mathematics and Music with emphasis on skills in research, oral presentations, writing and Information Technology (IT).

Detailed lesson plans, photographs, video clips and a reflective journal were packaged into a ‘virtual book’ (FlipAlbum). The CD-ROM serves as a reference for teachers to carry out I&E lessons in their classroom.

2001 Outstanding Contribution Award (Individual Category)

In line with the IT Master Plan for Education, where there is a need to investigate how IT can be fully integrated into the school curriculum, Janice Chuah created a set of PowerPoint templates, modelled after MicrolessonsTM, where teachers can use with ease to develop their own IT-based lessons and solved the problem of locating commercially developed materials that are suitable for school and class use.

Rotary International Gold Medal (2000)

Janice Chuah was the Rotary International gold medalist. She was awarded the top student teacher in the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (Primary) programme 2000 for excellence in the NIE examination as well as for her outstanding leadership and dedication to student and extra curricular activities.