Career Track

2010 – present : Director, Concept Math Education Centre

2009 : Private Tutor

2006 – 2008 : Classroom Teacher, Ai Tong School

2003 – 2005 : Head of Department (HOD Int), Information Technology

2001 – 2002 : Subject Co-ordinator,  Media Resource Library

2000 : Begining Teacher


2011 June
Workshop at Pasig, Philippines

In this workshop 3-day workshop at Victory Christian International School, Janice gave an insight on how Model Method works. She delivered on the fundamentals of Model Method and showed the teachers on how to use this technique to help students to solve challenging problem sums.

Janice also played the role of a consultant where she helped the school revamped their math curriculum, identify Areas for Improvement (AFIs) and offer valuable suggestions, and identify good resource for math.

2008 November
Work attachment at Shanghai, China

Janice secured an overseas work attachment with Shanghai (China) Singapore International School (SSIS) in November / December 2008. As an education consultant, she identified strengths and Area for Improvement (AFIs) through meetings, lesson observations and focus group interviews. Data and findings with suggestions for the school’s IT curriculum were collated into a detailed report, presented to the school management after the month long project.

Janice also conducted sharing on the use of blogging in education for teachers in both Minhang and Xuhui campuses.

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View : Photo : Singapore Shanghai International School


2008 September
Conducted sharing session at South 7 (S7) School Cluster Science Symposium

The use of blogs in instructional settings is limited only by the imagination. Janice shares with participants how blogs can be used as a platform for teaching and learning science to promote learning beyond textbooks through the use of video clips, animation, songs, games and discussion forums. This Teach-Less-Learn-More approach enriches the teaching and learning of science.


Cooperative Teacher (CT) to trainees from NIE

Janice was appointed Co-operative Teacher to work closely with trainee teachers and provided them with the necessary guidance and support. She received a certificate of appreciation from NIE for rendering her service since 2002.


2005 July
Conducted workshop at MOE EXCEL Fest 2005 – Classroom Experience

Excellence through Continuous Enterprise and Learning (ExCEL) is a government-wide effort to develop the capability of public officers through continuous learning and improvement. MOE ExCEL 2005 showcased schools’ innovative efforts in teaching and learning, both within and beyond the classroom and invited the public to journey through how MOE and schools innovate to make learning as fun as possible. Janice’s session, ‘Learning Science through Theatre, Music and Art’ (CE14), a hands-on lesson where parents became students once again, as they took part in a mini theatre production while learning about the human circulatory system in an enjoyable and gratifying way. The multi-disciplinary lesson created conditions for the spirit of I&E to take root and flourish within classroom settings.


2005 February
Conducted workshop at Teachers Network (TN) on Designing a Multi Disciplinary I&E teaching and learning module

In this workshop, Janice shares with participants on strategies to get pupils engaged in a role play activities to learn about the Human Circulatory System through a multi-disciplinary module that incorporates Science, English, Mathematics, Health Education, Art, Music and IT. Role playing activities and group work provide excellent opportunities to encourage curiosity, questioning and exploration while nurturing traits such as openness to new ideas and creativity in our pupils.


2004 – 2005
Appointed as Innovation and Enterprise (I&E) Champion

Janice championed the school’s Innovation and Enterprise (I&E) committee which comprises of the school’s Principal, Vice Principal, HOD Science and HOD Mother Tongue. Her team attended the Tier-1 I&E workshop in March 2004 for key personnel to gain better understanding of the rationale for I&E in schools and learn the main I&E recommendations from the Policy Review Teams. The team developed a roadmap to promote the spirit of I&E in school and piloted the initiatives to infuse I&E into the school culture. The team also conducted the Tier-2 I&E workshop for our school teachers in June 2004.


2004 January – October
Working Committee for Project en3prise Wireless

As a member of the working committee, Janice was involved in the conceptualization of ideas and planning of activities for 600 pupils from 15 schools to go on a wireless journey to learn the value of money. The project received extensive press coverage as it was the collaborative effort of 13 primary schools from the N3 cluster with industrial partners such as Hewlett Packard (HP), iCell Network and MacDonald’s Restaurant.


2004 September
Article Contribution : I&E Article for BlueSky MOE e-Directory and BlueSky Times

Janice contributed an article on how to bring I&E into the classroom to the BlueSky MOE e-Directory which was an online platform to showcase schools’ I&E efforts. The article was selected by MOE and featured in BlueSky Times! a tabloid sized publication distributed to all participants at Work Plan Seminar 2004 and to all the schools.


2004 March
Conducted sharing session at North 3 (N3) School Cluster Mini Science Conference

In the workshop “Learning science concepts through role play”, Janice shares on the effectiveness of role play activities in the teaching of Science concepts to primary school pupils. The session demonstrated how to involve pupils in a ‘mini production’ to learn about the cause and effects of heart attack in an enjoyable and gratifying way while honing their reading skills. Art and Health Education are also incorporated into this multi-disciplinary lesson.


2003 August

Janice was featured in a TV programme for Channel 5, Ladies First. This half-hour women’s lifestyle programme hosted by Li Lin featured how Janice successfully juggled family life, personal interest and career, portraying a positive personal and professional image.


2003 July
Article Contribution for PACE magazine

In the article ‘Incorporating Reader’s Theatre into Science’ published in PACE newsletter (Issue No. 38), Janice  explores the possibility of incorporating English, Arts and Health Education into the teaching of Science.


2001 – 2003
IT Coach for ThinkQuest Junior National Competition

Janice was the school’s appointed coach for Singapore ThinkQuest Junior competitions. Singapore ThinkQuest Junior was a local web design competition launched by the Ministry of Education in 1999.

Under Janice’s guidance, the school was a 3-time consecutive winner of Singapore ThinkQuest Junior competitions.

2003 Singapore ThinkQuest Junior

Title : Drosophilla (Fruit Flies)
Award : Silver award
Additinal Award : Litespeed Innovative award for presenting the content in an interesting and unconventional manner.
Description : The entry was a collaborated with Townsville Primary school. The pupils breed fruit flies in the life science laboratory and study them using a computer microscope. Email and discussion forum were used as platform for communication.

2002 Singapore ThinkQuest Junior

Title : Singapore Heritage Tour
Award : Silver
Description : Virtual tours were created using the software pix-a-round.

2001 Singapore ThinkQuest Junior

Title : Natural Disaster
Award : Gold
Description : The entry was one of the two selected for showcase at the annual prize giving ceremony attended by 400 guests, principals, teachers and students.