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Like many parents, you may believe that encouraging your children to practice more math questions
will adequately prepare them for exams.
After all, extensive practice exposes them to similar questions likely to appear during exams.

However, even with diligent practice, your child may struggle if they rely solely on memorization
without understanding the underlying concepts
when faced with exam questions that differ from what they have practiced.


Do you Know ?


In today’s math education, the focus has shifted from just computing numbers to
helping students understand concepts and apply them to solve various types of questions,
even ones they haven’t seen before.

Most questions commonly tested during school exams and PSLE fall into a few broad concepts.
When your child understand these key concepts, they can easily identify them in problem sums
and use effective heuristics to solve them quickly and confidently.


S.M.A.R.T Solution


At Concept Math, we’ve developed S.M.A.R.T. approach for problem-solving. While this is our unique creation, this approach follows Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) framework for problem solving.  

The S.M.A.R.T approach is a systematic problem-solving process that integrates model drawing to identify concepts and select heuristics so that your child can arrive at the correct answers quickly and confidently. Additionally, it includes strategies to avoid careless mistakes. 

The biggest advantage of learning S.M.A.R.T. is your child’s ability to apply conceptual understanding across different topics. This enables them to efficiently  solve a wide variety of questions without the need for extensive practice, thus reducing revision time. 

True mastery is achieved through understanding rather than repetitive practice.


Does it work ?


The SMART approach has helped my son in solving math problem sums in an organized and structured way. The teachers meticulously explain all the steps, using models and ensuring Wee Herng understands. Additionally, they impart valuable life lessons and consistently encourage perseverance. They certainly deserve a heartfelt “thumbs-up” from me!
♡ Parent of Wee Herng

I can see that James’s confidence in math has grown. A case in point is this year’s prelim paper 2, which typically includes higher-order thinking questions. Previously, he would usually lose heart and not even attempt them. However, this time around, he persevered and managed to solve it. SMART has equipped him with such a dependable toolbox of techniques that he no longer feels afraid when faced with unexpected questions.
♡ Parent of James Elliot (ACS, 66% to 96%)

Gladys has shown more interest and confidence in Math. The techniques taught, such as circle-arrow, highlighting, drawing conceptual models to identify concepts, and refraining from jumping straight into solving, as well as testing their own answers, which are part of the SMART approach, help to reduce careless mistakes.
♡ Parent of Gladys (Ai Tong, 82% to 91%)

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