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Concept Math’s consistent leadership in curriculum development and adaptation to current trends have garnered media attention, resulting in extensive coverage by both overseas and local media outlets, including Channel News Asia, CNBC, and news channels in Australia, Europe, and France.





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Singapore Top Private Tutors 
The article recognizes Ms Janice Chuah as one of Singapore’s top tutors and portrays her transition from a primary school teacher to a thriving private tutor. Despite working half her previous hours, she now earns more than double her previous salary.


The New Paper reported that top tutor Janice Chuah’s school, CONCEPT MATH, is so popular, the wait to get in is one year. Her passion and her love for teaching are the reasons for the long wait.


The summary highlights Ms Janice Chuah’s motivation behind becoming a tutor, emphasizing a passion for teaching over monetary gain. It emphasizes the importance of genuine care and dedication in tutoring, as recognized by both parents and students.


CNBC Reporter, Dan Murphy, interviews Janice Chuah on the success of Concept Math and her views on the changing landscape of Singapore’s education system. She shares that she welcomes the move away from just grades towards a more holistic education.


Parents are joining tuition workshops to support their children’s education. These workshops, offered by centers like Concept Math Education, provide insights into exam strategies and common mistakes, reflecting a growing trend of parental involvement in academics.


French journalist Pierre Francois Lemonnier investigates the impact of “Super Tutors” on Singapore’s top-ranking education system in mathematics. Focusing on Janice Chuah’s dedication to teaching, the segment also features parent interviews discussing competition and stress.


This French documentary delves into innovative educational experiences worldwide during the digital revolution. Explore successful education systems from Singapore to Finland, France to the United States. Listen to insights from teachers, parents, students, and educators regarding the latest methods, doubts, ambitions, and hopes.


Talking Point host, Steven Chia, uncovers the frenzy building up to PSLE and how Concept Math offers parents the option of joining their child for classes.  It allows parents to adjust their expectations having seen the difficulty level of PSLE questions. As a result of parents’ empathy and support, children feel less stress.


Singapore has some of the highest achieving students in the world when it comes to reading, maths and science, according the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Dateline travels to Singapore and visits Concept Math to find out why its education system tops the global leader board.

2020, 2021 & 2022

In 2020, Concept Math utilized creative methods such as games for online learning during the Singapore Circuit Breaker. In 2021, Channel 8 news reported on the safe distancing measures as tuition centers reopened. By 2022, parents felt confident in their child’s safety at Concept Math due to implemented Covid prevention measures.


Concept Math Education Centre revolutionizes math education with Singapore maths, focusing on understanding concepts over rote memorization. The center enhances its curriculum with cutting-edge technology, integrating games, animation, and social media into both in-person and online lessons

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Concept Math, a renowned education centre, specialising in primary school mathematics. Our curriculum builds a strong math foundation and cultivates problem-solving skills that will serve your child throughout their academic journey and beyond.

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