26 Mar 2020

Dear Parents,
As per MOH’s directive dated 24 Mar 2020 ( https://bit.ly/2JfKgGg ) , physical classroom lessons at Concept Math Centres will be temporary suspended from 27 Mar 2020 (Fri) to 30 Apr 2020 (Thu). This may be extended if the situation does not improve.

In order to ensure your child’s learning will not be disrupted, Concept Math is putting in place the following:

Revised Lesson Calendar

Concept Math will push back our academic calendar by 1 week. Instead of having 1 week break in June, we will bring forward this break, starting from 27 Mar (Fri) to 2 Apr (Thu).
It will have no impact for SA1/bite size test preparation as all key topics have already been covered and the subsequent lessons are for revision and learning in advance.
(Please refer to the revised lesson calendar)


Q1: When will eLearning start?

eLearning for Lesson 12 will start after our term break on 3 Apr (Fri).

A revised eClassroom schedule (L12 onwards) will be made available next week through email.

Q2: How is eLearning conducted?

eClassroom Pre-recorded Lesson (approx. 1 hour each)

View pre-recorded lessons in eClassroom conducted by our Principals, Vice Principals and Senior Teachers.

Pre-recorded lessons will include
a. Guided Examples
b. Solutions to Homework

We advise students to
a. Download the worksheet (or collect blank worksheets from CM Centres)
b. Watch and follow the Guided Examples
c. Attempt the homework questions before watching Solutions to Homework

Q3: Do I need to register for eClassroom?

You DO NOT need to request for lessons anymore.

For parents who already have accounts, you can login to view the lesson after receiving the lesson release email notification.

For parents who DO NOT HAVE eClassroom accounts, we will automatically enroll your child(ren) into our eClassroom using your email in the NEXT FEW DAYS.

Lookout for Teachable’s Invitation Email: Subject heading ‘Redeem your copy of Primary X Term 1 Lessons’ to key in your password and activate the account.

Instructions on how to use the Teachable eClassroom will be provided through email.

Q4: What if my child(ren) has questions to ask teachers?

LIVE ONLINE Tutorials (approx. 30 mins per session per week)

Students can attend LIVE online tutorials conducted by our Principals, Vic Principals and Senior Teachers to ask questions and clear doubts.
If students do not have any questions to clarify, teachers will use the sessions for revision by going through selective questions from lesson worksheets.
For P1 to P4 sessions, teachers will also conduct lesson debriefs for parents.

Q5: Do I need to register for LIVE ONLINE Tutorials?

Instructions and tutorial schedule will be made available next week together with the eClassroom Lesson schedule.

Q6: What other support will Concept Math extend to my child(ren)?

Face to Face Classroom Session
At Concept Math, we are committed to ensure our students receive the best possible support in preparation for final year school examinations.
Subject to the COVID-19 situation, we will conduct FREE classroom sessions during the June holidays on top of regular lessons.

*More details will be available nearer to the June school holidays. 

Q7: How do I collect the worksheets?

Download from eClassroom OR Collect from your own respective centres @Novena or @Bukit Timah from 28 Mar (Sat) onwards.

We will print and prepare a set of worksheets for L12 – L16.

Q8: What is the centre opening times for worksheet collection and face to face enquiries during the lesson suspension period?

NOVENA Centre Opening Hours for March and April

Weekends 10.30am – 5.00pm
*All Saturdays and Sundays until further notice
Weekdays5.00pm – 7.00pm
Mon (30 Mar), Thu (2 Apr), Fri (3 Apr)

BUKIT TIMAH Centre Opening Hours for March and April

Weekends 10.30am – 5.00pm
*All Saturdays and Sundays until further notice
Weekdays5.00pm – 7.00pm
Wed (1 Apr), Thu (2 Apr), Fri (3 Apr)

Q9: What is the best way to reach Admin Support during lesson suspension period?

You may reach us at:

Mon, Thu & Fri

12pm – 5pm
OR 62540305
Phone62556335, 62540305
Bukit TimahWeekends,
Wed, Thu & Fri

12pm – 5pm
OR 94597301

As we are expecting more than usual number of queries from parents during the initial period of class suspension, we seek your understanding if the response is not timely. Allow us up to 3 working days to revert.

Lastly, we would want to assure you that Concept Math remains committed to support our students’ learning in this trying period.

Do stay safe and healthy!

Best Wishes,
Concept Math Management

Revised 2020 Academic Calendar @ NOVENA

Revised 2020 Academic Calendar @ BUKIT TIMAH